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Global Trading Service Platform For Machinery

We aim to build an ecosystem with interconnected channels and shared resources for domestic and foreign equipment suppliers, purchasers and logistics partners. With equipment procurement as the core, we provide one-stop equipment procurement business solutions, namely, bidding agency, equipment selection, logistics service and online project management for our corporate customers.

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Trading equipment at the Equipment Exhibition Hall

The Equipment Exhibition Hall is a core part of the "SUMEC Touch World" online business ecosystem and an efficient and high-quality online channel for global equipment manufacturers to enter the Chinese market. It not only serves as a platform for suppliers to show their products and exchange information, but also provides a good place for users to choose their equipment online. The Exhibition Hall has now converged more than 800 global brands, and over 1800 products, covering a wide range of industries including machine tools, textile, light industry, engineering machineries, agricultural machineries, etc.

Buying equipment Equipment suppliers

Cloud exhibitions, SUMEC Digital Exhibition

The "SUMEC TOUCH WORLD" Digital Exhibition is an online service platform for various offline exhibitions. It has integrated numerous machinery and equipment industry exhibitions, aiming to provide exhibitors and visitors with online display, browsing, negotiation, matchmaking services, etc. On this platform, exhibitors are able to efficiently release products and operate exhibition events, while visitors can enjoy one-stop approach to the online industry events and business negotiations. Digital Exhibition, wonder in succession!

Digital Exhibition

Business invitation, SUMEC Digital Investment Promotion

The "SUMEC TOUCH WORLD" Digital Investment Promotion is an online service platform designed for local governments to promote investment advantages, policies and activities. Through this platform. business investors can not only identify their investment directions more efficiently and conveniently, but also make contact with the local government. Digital Investment Promotion, matchmaking with precision!

Digital Investment Promotion

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Integrate Global Resources To Create a Better Future

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